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How to Avoid Electrical Emergencies

Most households situated in the North Shore are overwhelmed with electrical appliances and electronics. These technologies enable people to do simultaneous tasks easily. However, your home electrical system is always vulnerable to faults that can lead to electrical emergencies.

Neglecting small signs of faults in your wiring system will only expose you to serious damages and injuries. To prevent this from happening, here are tips you can follow on how to avoid electrical emergencies in your homes and businesses.

Electrical Safety Components

Make sure that your electrical system is equipped with a reliable safety component. Primarily, your mains should be wired through a circuit breaker. At the same time,  every powerpoint must be connected to a residual current device (RCD). This will add multiple levels of electrical to your property.

If an appliance will overload, having multiple safety checkpoints in your wiring system will prevent further damage and isolate the electrical fault. Furthermore, it is recommended that you maintain your electrical safety components regularly. You need to know the status of your safety switches because a poor sense of can lead to electrical emergencies.

Overloading Prevention

Plugging in several appliances in one power outlet can exceed the wattage rating, causing it to overload. Additionally, connecting a high-demand load to a low-wattage socket will cause the wires to heat up and melt the plastic components, exposing the leads and resulting in short-circuit.

Take note that most electrical fires are caused by overloaded appliances. To prevent electrical overloading, make sure to use high-rating powerpoints and check if the power demand of your devices is compatible.

Preventing Short-Circuits

Over time, electrical insulation could deteriorate and chip off, exposing the copper wires and could result in short-circuiting. This is caused by many factors, including the continuous heating from high-demand appliances or physical weathering.

To prevent your electrical system from shorting, simply observe if your safety components are reacting unusually. Electrical leakage can trip off RCDs while safety breakers trip off within milliseconds after a short-circuit. If nuisance tripping occurs even under low-power usage, you might need a Level 2 electrician to tend to your system.

Level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electrician can isolate electrical faults and conducting efficient repairs. A worn-out wiring system might be rewired and reinsulated to avoid electrical leaks and short-circuits. This brings us to the importance of maintaining your electrical system.

Electrical System Maintenance

You can only do so much to keep your electrical system in optimal condition. While you can possibly change lightbulbs or reset your safety switch, conducting a thorough diagnosis should only be done by an expert electrician.

By maintaining your electrical system regularly, you get to:

  • Keep your properties safe
  • Keep your electrical equipment reliable
  • Reduce expenses
  • Improve productivity
  • Prevent major accidents

Investing in electrical system maintenance will reward you with a safer and optimal workplace. Moreover, your system must only be maintained by a qualified level 2 electrician. 

You wouldn’t want to spend for an electrician, only to find out they aren’t confident with their work. That’s why Sydney North Shore Electrician is your reliable choice if you want your valued property safe from all sorts of faults.

Helpful Habits

Additionally, here are useful habits you can practise to help you stay away from electrical hazards and save up on utility costs over time.

  • Turn off lights when not needed
  • Do not leave appliances plugged on standby
  • Open curtains and blinds to maximise natural light during the day
  • Use motion sensors as outdoor lighting switch to avoid unwanted energy use
  • Avoid octopus wiring and using substandard extension cords
  • Put fire extinguishers and medicine kit on accessible locations

Finally, you should be vigilant in your electrical system. Look for subtle indicators of an electrical fault. Frequent lightbulb burnouts, nuisance tripping, outlet discolouration, and hot wires are among the signs you should look out for. Immediately call your emergency electrician before things get worse.


With adequate skills and tools, you can help prevent electrical emergencies from occurring. For large-scale repairs and reliable maintenance services, only choose the electricians trusted all around North Shore.

Sydney North Shore Electrician takes pride as one of the most reliable and transparent electrical service providers in the entire North Shore, with a decade of experience in the industry.

For inquiries and more information, call us at (02) 8378 2828, and experience 24/7 expert-level service.

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