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    Got caught up in an electrical emergency and you do not know what to do? If you are stuck in an emergency situation relating to electrical problems, the best way to deal with it is by calling out to someone who has the right knowledge in handling such issues. You can contact Sydney North Shore Electrician for this reason as we have helped and saved a lot of folks across the region. We help no matter what the situation is and without any hesitation. Once our number is dialed, you can expect that our emergency vehicle is on its way to your premises.

    Our Level 2 Electricians in Sydney North Shore deals on both minor and major electrical emergencies. It is important that you get yourself familiar with the types of emergencies and whether it is localised within your premises only or if it affects multiple properties at the same time. Below are some of the emergency situations that we deal with.

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    Electrical Emergencies

    Some Major Electrical Emergencies

    Trees in contact with power lines

    With every passing of a storm, it leaves branches of trees or trunks leaning on power lines. The danger lies during the clearing operations. When a person touches a part of the tree that is in contact with a live power line, the result can be fatal due to electrocution. You can call Sydney North Shore Electrician if you see such problem and we will be the one to take care of it for you.

    We have the proper equipment and know-how to remove the debris off your power lines. Our level 2 electricians can disconnect the main service line and cut down trees or branches that are in contact with the cabling. After which, we will reconnect your service line.

    Same thing goes with fallen power lines, it can be due to a stormy weather or a high vehicle like trucks that take can down power lines and leave it hanging. Sydney North Shore Electrician can remove all dangling wires, repair and rewire them to resume your connection.

    Power Outages

    A power outage normally happens when there is a storm. Strong winds can topple down electric poles and knock the power down. Another reason can be due to accidents like a vehicle running through the poles or birds getting electrocuted. In any of these events, Sydney North Shore Electrician will manage the problem for you. We will confirm the exact cause and do the needed repairs.

    Some Minor Electrical Emergencies

    Old Electrical Systems

    If your home or business building was built more than 20 years and notice your electric system slowly breaking down? It is time for you to consider the repair or upgrade works. Sydney North Shore Electrician can do an overall inspection to your building and do the renovation works.

    Safety Switch

    Any electrical accidents can be avoided if your electrical system has a safety switch. A safety switch shuts down the power after 0.03 seconds of detecting an abnormality on your circuit. This stops any or further damage to your electrical things and lifts the threat to safety. Sydney North Shore Electrician can install your very first safety switch or fix the faulty one you have. Once we finish the job, you will be safe even when an electrical problem happens.

    For any other electric emergencies, you can call Sydney North Shore Electrician at 02 8378 2828!

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