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Electricians Servicing Sydney's North Shore

Do you need installing your new cooktop, oven or ceramic hotplates?

Or just simply redesign your living room lighting or add another power source in room? Hiring a Gordon Powers North Shore Electrician would be a better decision to relieve yourself from the worries of whether your power mains can handle your new appliance and not cause poor electrical supply to your entire house.

Are you home to “the leafy North Shore” in Sydney? It is one of the quiet and best residential regions in Sydney given that it is not far from Sydney CBD. The region is famous with single family homes and suburban homes. A pleasant place as it is, general electrical faults happen every now and then in some households. It is sometimes a shock that a newly constructed house has problems with its electrical system. To avoid inconvenience like these, it is better to have an expert eye to check on all electrical aspects of your home. Gordon Powers North Shore Electricians know exactly what you need. We can provide a complete fault finding operation to know if there are any existing problems in your electric circuits and if there are any potential problems.

With Gordon Powers, it is our duty to keep all our customers free from any electrical harm. As your North Shore Electrician, we hold accountability and responsibility to every electrical service we provide you. This is a major proof that we only give top quality workmanship that ensures your safety and the people you love. We also know how hard you built your homes as it is one of your hopes and dreams. So we do not want to waste that by making sure that all materials we use during our operations are tough and reliable.

It is seldom that you can find an electrical contractor who can guarantee you quality work. At first you feel confident that your problem is solved but one moment you will realize it was not fixed at all. Even if you paid too much for the service, it does not hold a guarantee that you got the best service. At Gordon Powers, our work does not stop after the work and payment is done. We always provide warranty for all our services so you will have the peace of mind that your honest and trustworthy North Shore Electrician is always after your satisfaction.

Your Gordon Powers North Shore Electrician can help you with any minor or major electrical works. No job can stop us from giving our 101% best to serve and please our customers. Our family business offers our superb services for over 10 years on both residential and commercial which include the following:

Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Installations

Any electrical fixture that hangs, leave it to your North Shore Electrician’s hands. We can help install any type of ceiling fan from standard to customized and upgraded ceiling fans with light bulb and remote control. Our expertise and proper handling in chandelier installations are also reliable. Your North Shore Electrician will handle your precious chandeliers with utmost care and ensure to install them properly and working magnificently.

Appliances Installation and Repair

When it comes to dealing with your newly purchased appliances, Gordon Powers North Shore Electrician is always ready to help you install it and have it ready for use immediately. Whether it is an additional kitchen appliances, a new entertainment system or a new equipment for your DIY project, we will help you evaluate proper supply of electricity to make all your appliances fully-functional.

If you have any appliance that stopped working, do not simply consider it as rubbish. You can contact us, your North Shore Electricians, and we will check it and repair it accordingly. Our outstanding repair work will help you save your money intended to buy a new one.

Lighting Recommendations, Installations and Replacement

Lighting is the leading consumer of electricity within homes and commercial areas. It is important that you have a smart and eco-friendly lighting setup to reduce your electric costs. Conventional lighting also increases heat inside your homes, making your air-conditioning work hard and thus, contributes to global warming. To help you address this problem our amazing team of North Shore Electricians can plan your light fixtures such as LED lights, proper placements within and outside your homes and commercial space for enough illumination without overlapping one another and install them properly. We can also install dimmers and automatic turnoff system to help conserve energy.

For busted light bulbs, you can have your North Shore Electrician to replace them for you. We have the right tools and equipment to use especially for lighting placed in high ceilings.

Commercial Electrical Service

Gordon Powers North Shore Electricians are also one of a kind when it comes to any electrical service you need for your business. We can attend to any of the below electrical assistance you would need:

  • Electrical Faults and Repair
  • Data and Communication Cabling
  • Surge Protection
  • Commercial Electrical Upgrades
  • Routine Preventive Maintenance
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Safety and Security
  • Office and Shop Fit-outs and Refurbishment

Emergency Electrical Services

For any electrical incident that requires immediate attention, we are your North Shore Electricians emergency response team that can reach you fast and can stop any electrical problem instantly. We are available 24/7 and the whole year round. There is also nothing for you to worry about as Gordon Powers also operates during the busy holiday seasons. We wanted to be there for you when you need us the most to bring you the safest and most guaranteed electrical workmanship you need.

You may find our full-service coverage by visiting our page at Gordon Powers Electrical Services Sydney. Should you have other electrical concerns, feel free to inform us and we will provide you with the best solution for your problem.