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    Do you have something that a Level 2 Emergency Electrician can do for you today? Sydney North Shore Electrician has Level 2 electricians that can deal with any electrical works that an entry-level electrician cannot handle.

    We provide same-day service for any work regarding consumer mains, major repairs, upgrades, disconnection and reconnection, point of attachment and more.

    Best North Shore Electricians

    In North Shore Sydney, building developments generate a big demand for electrical works. For major electrical works, only the licensed and qualified Level 2 electricians should be handling your service lines. Sydney North Shore Electrician will manage everything with care. We use proper protective equipment and advanced tools to detect faults and successfully install lines.

    Sydney North Shore Electrician can begin and finish the below electrical works with exceptionally good results:

    Main service line connection to the network and energize your installation

    With every passing of a storm, it leaves branches of trees or trunks leaning on power lines. The danger lies during the clearing operations. When a person touches a part of the tree that is in contact with a live power line, the result can be fatal due to electrocution. You can call Sydney North Shore Electrician if you see such a problem and we will be the one to take care of it for you.

    We have the proper equipment and know-how to remove the debris off your power lines. Our level 2 electricians can disconnect the main service line and cut down trees or branches that are in contact with the cabling. After this, we will reconnect your service line.

    Permanent disconnection of mains service lines in demolition works

    Demolition works require a tremendous amount of work and careful handling of materials and debris. For any demolition work, Sydney North Shore Electrician can disconnect your main service lines permanently. Our team is qualified to work on overhead and underground power lines.

    Streets, parking, stadiums and public venue lighting

    Street lighting and other open space lighting comes with a challenge of installing lighting in elevated heights. This is not a problem with Sydney North Shore Electrician as our Level 2 electricians had been installing lamp posts, sports or stadium lights, billboards lighting and more for years.

    For any major events such as concerts and other organized gatherings, we have the right lighting solutions that only our Level 2 electricians can set up. We always recommend LED lighting for low voltage and cool light emissions.

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    Some Minor Electrical Emergencies

    Following electrical emergencies may not require same-day service but needs to be attended to so as to prevent further damage to property and harm to lives.

    Existing premise electrical

    If your property is already existent and you need to repair or reconnect your electricity from the main service line, Sydney North Shore Electrician can send our team of amazing Level 2 electricians to your premise and work on what is needed.

    Reconnection service

    Any disconnected or discontinued electrical connection that needs to be reconnected with a new line, our Level 2 electrician can deal with it and put it back on.

    Repair service

    For any occurrence of damaged cables, poles and other components, Sydney North Shore Electrician can do fault-finding tests and repair faulty components due to human error or natural causes.

    Change level of electricity supply

    Sydney North Shore Electrician can also work on upgrading your current electricity capacity for existing electrical connection. This will increase your power supply based on your additional equipment or appliance.

    Apart from the above list of Level 2 electrician scope of work, Sydney North Shore Electrician also perform meter installations, alterations and prevention of tampering.

    New premise electrical

    Are you preparing to move in on your new premise? You need a professional and qualified electrician to work on your electrical connections. Sydney North Shore Electrician Level 2 electricians to connect your power lines to the main distribution network. This applies whether you have the following:

    • Single home dwelling electricity supply
    • Multi-home/residential standard electricity supply
    • Multi-home/residential non-standard electricity supply
    • New commercial building construction
    • New office tower construction

    Sydney North Shore Electrician also welcome free consultation services to help you decide on what electricity connection suits your needs as a homeowner or a business owner.

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