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Things to Do When an Electrical Emergency Occurs

Electricity is among the critical resources needed by North Shore residents on a daily basis. However, electrical systems are often overlooked. Ignoring the minor signs of electrical faults might lead to severe and expensive electrical emergencies.

Sydney North Shore Electrician will help you look for electrical faults, so you can focus on more important things. But if you are doubtful, or the situation needs immediate action, these are the things you should do when an electrical emergency occurs.

Common Causes of Electrical Emergencies

Do you experience frequent lightbulb burnout? Do you get electric shocks when touching metal appliances? If yes, then these minor events indicate an underlying electrical fault.

This is usually caused by:

  • Worn-out cables ‒ high-wattage appliances can heat up your electrical wiring, weakening the insulation on the wires, resulting in power leakage, especially near moist areas.
  • Damaged appliances ‒ protective components in your devices can get compromised and damaged. Fuseboxes and regulators can burn out, exposing the conductive leads that increase the risk of short-circuiting and electrocution.
  • Water ‒ this can’t be stressed enough. Water doesn’t sit well with electricity, so make sure your extension cords and electrical devices are far from wet surfaces or a full glass.

Trying to pry open switchboards and replacing damaged components without the right tools and knowledge can only further the damage. Additionally, you are risking your own life, together with others. That’s why you must seek a level 2 electrician and let them check and fix all electrical faults.

Emergency Contacts

Most emergencies caused by electrical faults are unpredictable, especially without regular maintenance. This is because most electrical components are hidden behind your walls and above the ceiling. That’s why you should keep a list of emergency contact numbers and the fire brigade to assist you during serious events.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers ‒ emergency response is widely available 24/7, keep a list of emergency hotline numbers on your fridge door and other visible areas
  • Fire Equipment ‒ most importantly, keep a working fire extinguisher ready and educate all members of the house on how to use it
  • First Aid Kit ‒ Keep a storage box of medicine, burn ointment, alcohol, bandages, and antiseptics to prevent infection of open wounds in case of injury

Common Emergency Situations

If you found yourself in an electrical emergency, remember to stay calm and carefully examine the situation. Immediately contact emergency services and act out decisively to minimise damage and possibly save lives. 


Most of the time, a damaged appliance can ground the metal housing and cause mild to severe electrocution. This commonly happens in toasters, power tools, and hair dryers, among others.

In the event of electrocution:

  • Avoid touching the appliance nor the person, as you can get injured as well
  • Immediately unplug the appliance or switch off the main breaker if it doesn’t trip off
  • Call your emergency electrician and triple zero (000) for an ambulance
  • Do not move the injured, unless they are in immediate danger

Electrical Fire

A faulty electrical system can overload your appliances. The light materials and flammable chemicals near appliances can ignite from a small spark, resulting in an electrical fire.

If this happens, use these guides:

  • Stay away from the flames and take out any flammable materials
  • Do not use water to extinguish the fire, especially when it occurs at an electrical powerpoint
  • Only use an electrical fire extinguisher (dry chemical)
  • Immediately call the fire department and an ambulance

Power Line Collapse

A collapsing power line is very dangerous and lethal for nearby people. If someone gets an electric shock from one, follow these steps:

  • Do not touch any parts of the power line
  • Avoid touching the person as you could get shocked too
  • Immediately dial emergency hotline triple zero (000) and the fire brigade
  • If the person is still in immediate danger but isn’t in contact with any live wire, move them to safety and keep them conscious, until paramedics arrive


Knowing what to do and staying calm during electrical emergencies make a big impact on minimising damage and injuries. However, maintenance is cheaper than repairs. That’s why your electrical systems must be well-maintained by level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electrician

Our expert electricians have the right tools and knowledge to identify hot spots and hidden faults within your electrical system. Furthermore, we are professionals in installing safety alarms and smoke detectors to help you act quickly before an emergency gets any worse.

For your questions and more information, call us at (02) 8378 2828.

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