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Different Types of Under Cupboard Lighting

Often your workspace needs more light, whether it’s in the kitchen, office, or above a craft table. Under cupboard lights are known as countertop lights, and this has been around for a long time, but the trend has acquired a new life with new options being available. Don’t let the number of options leave you in the dark; be conscious of each type’s pros and cons.

Under cupboard lighting makes it much easier to prepare meals and takes the shadows off your kitchen surfaces. You can add beautiful and functional lighting to your kitchen, office, and other hard-working rooms and under-cabinet lighting ideas through the information that may help you.

Purpose of Under Cupboard Lighting

In your kitchen, office, and other spaces, under-cupboard lighting ideas are made to light on that dark nooks and crannies in your home. These are usually found under kitchen cabinets, on bookshelves, in curio cabinets, and more, and are built to fit in small spaces and provide an accent or task lighting.

Although dramatic pendants and chandeliers are entertaining and show-stoppers, under-cupboard lights just do their job of adding more elegance and improved lighting. Overhead fixtures and natural light, illuminating a space overall, stand in as ambient lighting. 

Types of Under Cupboard Lighting

Under cupboard lighting comes in different types. Here are the choices that you might want to check to have the right cupboard lighting for your kitchen.

DIY Plug-in Lights

If you would like to add under-cupboard lighting with the easiest option, DIY plug-in lights suit your home. It’s easy to learn how to install under-cabinet lighting; you just have to secure the things you need for your DIY activity like the one plug-in, LED under-cupboard lighting solution and small LED bulbs. These are usually for tape or rope lights that cast a soft and warm glow in your area.

The underside of a cabinet or shelf is connected to a plug-in fixture and can be plugged into any electrical outlet nearby. Using a switch on the unit, these fixtures have to be switched on and off. However, usually the wires are not concealed, so you have to find ways on how to hide it.  

Mounted Strip Lights

For a more serious under-counter illumination, mounted strip lights may give you that. These lights are simple to install, surface-mounted and are a wireless option for under-cupboard lighting. You can use fluorescent strips, track light with halogens bulbs, or puck lights with halogen bulbs.

The lights are battery-operated and have several wattages to provide bright light. However, be careful with the installation of under-cabinet lighting, as high-wattage halogen bulbs can put off a great deal of heat and should not be placed near anything flammable.

Professionally Hard-Wired Lights

Unlike DIY lights, hard-wired light fixtures will give you a seamless look that practically makes the parts of the light fixture invisible. Recessed puck lights are low-profile lights that need to be mounted directly into shelves and require changes to the cabinet if not done during new home construction or a kitchen remodel. 

Unlike DIY lights, hard-wired light fixtures will give you a seamless look that practically makes the parts of the light fixture invisible. In installing the hard-wired, a specialist may need to install other hard-wired models to have a new circuit added to the area and access into a power source. An electrician will also check on the building standards and guidelines to be followed in order for the lighting to be installed in line with the code.

Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent fixtures are still a popular option, a classic kind of under cupboard lighting. Usually, fluorescent fixtures today use T5 bulbs that are much smaller in diameter than the T12 bulbs that used to be the standard.

 A decent middle-of-the-road alternative is fluorescent under cabinet lighting that can work for a lot of applications that don’t need something too fancy. For more uniform lighting, most can be wired together and run cooler than xenon and halogen fixtures. It also has plug-in or hard-wired options and is brighter than other options, so this type of lighting will suit your type if you want to lit up your whole kitchen.

Puck Lights

Puck lights are one of the very common forms of under cupboard lighting. Depending on its purpose and personal preference, puck lights can be xenon, halogen, or LED light bulbs. Moreover, if you are more worried about making a long-lasting, low-heat emission light, choose the LED. 

Puck lights can also be found in battery-powered versions that simply stick to the underside of cabinets, making them a perfect choice for those who rent or don’t want to deal with cable lights. They can also come in battery-powered, easy-to-install options, more centred light, dimmable, very inexpensive and durable.


An easy, cost-effective way to add visual depth and job productivity to your most used workspaces in the home is under cupboard lighting. It is very useful in the kitchen as it helps you cook meals easier and provides you with a cozy atmosphere while eating dinner. Through knowing the different lights, you will have an understanding of what they are made of and its purpose. 

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