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Types of Surge Protectors and What They Do

Power surges and transients from external sources and power interruptions are responsible for damaging most of the electronics in Sydney North Shore.

Fortunately, surge protectors are now at hand to help us secure our devices against the damaging effects of these events.

A surge protector is a component of the electrical protection system which secures your electronic devices against overvoltage. It limits transient surges and diverts excess current to the ground, allowing only a safe level of electricity to flow into your electronic devices.

Likewise, surge protectors come in different types and designs based on their installation points and protected areas. But in general, they serve the same function of preventing recurring transient voltage from damaging your appliances and the entire electrical system.

To further give you some ideas, here are the three common types of surge protectors.

Point-of-use Surge Protectors

A point-of-use surge protector is a device used to provide direct protection against surges that flows through your household outlets. Moreover, it is relatively easy to install and more affordable than other types.

As a matter of fact, you can directly plug in your devices to point-of-use surge protectors as easy as plugging it on your standard sockets. It works in between your household power outlet and electronic devices, serving as a barrier that filters away excess current before it flows into your valuable appliances.

However, point-of-use surge protectors are limited only to guard against minimal power surges. Hence, they cannot give protection to your electrical system against other powerful surges such as lightning strikes. Therefore, they only work best as supplementary to other types of surge protectors and not as a primary defence.

Whole House Surge Protectors

A whole-house surge protector wires directly to your distribution panel, protecting all your household’s electrical circuits. It regulates surges occurring not only from lightning but also transients that originate inside your home – such as large electrical load appliances cycling on and off.

When a home appliance generates a transient wave, the surge protector works by sending back surges to your breaker panel where it is then eliminated. Thus, protecting all your other electronic devices. Likewise, this type of surge protector guards your entire house against daily disrupting surges which can cause electronics’ breakdown over time.

On the other hand, the installation of a whole-house surge protector requires proper line grounding to provide adequate protection. Hence, if you are not confident installing it yourself, you can always call a certified electrician for an accurate and reliable set-up.

Service Entry Surge Protectors

Among the other types of surge protector, this device is the most durable one. It is typically used outdoor and installed on the line side above your main service entrance, between your electric meter and utility pole.

A service entry surge protector guards your entire electrical system. It provides protection to all your hard-wired items and incoming power lines such as electrical line, cable TV line, telephone wirings and satellite dish cable. Moreover, it protects your appliances from powerful external surges such as lightning strikes and utility capacitator bank switching.

On the other hand, this type of surge protector requires a Level 2 licensed electrician for specialised installation. Also, it involves your electric utility supplier since your service panel needs to be shut off before you can install a service entry surge protector.


Surge protectors are the best defence devices for transient over-voltages. They generally protect all your electronic devices, while keeping your entire electrical system safe and secure.

Furthermore, the three common types of surge protectors will work more competently and reliably when used simultaneously. Thus, giving you an all-out electronics and electrical system protection.

In essence, it will be a wise and efficient decision for you to consider having these surge protectors in your home or business establishment. However, since the installation of these surge protectors is quite challenging and time-consuming, you may have to call a certified electrician for assistance.

Sydney North Shore Electrician is here to provide you with the assistance you needed in installing your home or building’s surge protectors. With our 24/7 quick response team, we will be at your doorstep anytime you need help.

Our professional Level 2 electricians will also provide you with a reliable and exceptional electrical installation and repairs service. No job is too big or small for our highly skilled team. From surge protector installation to rewiring your whole home, we are always available to complete your requests guaranteed with satisfaction.

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