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Types of Electrical Sockets Available in Sydney

Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge that is essential to life and all other living organisms.

It is both a basic part of nature and one of the most widely used forms of energy which has dramatically changed the way we live. People use electricity to do their jobs including lighting and cooling your homes, powering televisions and other electrical devices. 

We are all dependent on the extraordinary creation of man and it is visible all around us from commercial to industrial sectors. Without electricity, life wouldn’t be as convenient and accessible as it is today. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, you need to know what are the different types of electrical sockets we use. Whether you’re new or visiting this beautiful country, it’s important to know beforehand for a hassle-free vacation.

What type of electrical sockets are in Sydney

In Sydney, the electrical socket or plug used is Type I. This type of electrical socket is found mainly in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and China. This means that there’s no other electrical socket that will fit into a Type I plug.

Type I electrical sockets are rated 10 amps, some are rated up to 15 amps. A 15 amp device has a wider grounding prong and will not work in a 10 amp plug-in. While a 10 amp device functions with a 15 amp plug-in.

General Feature

Type I electrical socket features two flat and narrow prongs in the shape of a V. Some Type I electrical sockets and devices have a third grounding prong. All power sockets in Australia and even in China has standard electricity: 

  • Voltage of 230V 
  • Frequency of 50Hz

So, when you plan to visit and bring your electrical appliances to Australia, you might need to bring the following devices:

  • Voltage Converter

All electrical sockets in Australia have a standard voltage of 230V and a standard frequency of 50Hz. If your appliances or devices are between 220V to 240V, this means that you can use your equipment in Australia.

However, if your devices are under 100V to 127V which is commonly used in the USA, Canada and countries in South America. Then, you will need to bring a voltage converter in Australia. This will convert the voltage from the power outlet into one your appliance can use.

  • Power Adapters

Power plug adapters only convert other plug types and will not convert voltages. But, if your appliances are using the same voltage used in Australia, all you need is a power adapter. This will enable you to plug-in your devices when you’re visiting Sydney. 


Countries around the globe use different electrical outlets with different voltages and frequencies. Power converters and adapters are necessary when you’re going to travel to other countries. Especially in countries with different voltage and outlet types. Since they will simply allow you to plug your devices from that specific foreign outlet.

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