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Types of Heat Resistant Wires

Safety comes from good electrical systems. This is one aspect that deserves attention since it can cause life-threatening accidents if overlooked.

Our home truly isn’t a space of happiness and peace without adequate safeguards. That is why one of the key variables to consider when buying or building a home is electrical safety. 

Electrical wiring is part of fire safety systems; thus, for a given period, it must function reliably. Wires are one of the contributors to fire in the first place. Unsafe and non-standard conditions of wirings often cause the damage it brings. With this, homeowners should know the properties and qualities of cables, how durable they are and their use to ensure safety in our homes.

Importance of Heat Resistant Wires

Heat-proof wires are insulated wires that are coated with shielded materials that are heat resistant. Depending on the type of insulation used, heat-proof wires can be classified into Teflon wires, silicone wires, and woven wires. In high-temperature settings, they are used in different locations in our societies, such as aircraft, steel manufacturing, telecommunication devices, and home wiring. 

With that, here are some of the different types of heat resistant wires that may guide you in choosing wires that will make your home electrically safe.

Silicone Rubber Insulated Wire

Silicone Rubber Insulated Wire is a heat-proof wire that uses silicone rubber, which is flexible and heat-resistant, as its special feature. The standards of insulation and voltage resistance are satisfactory, making it ideal for use as an insulation material for electricity. 

When burned, it does not emit poisonous gases and is an environmentally safe material that is high radiation and ozone resistant. It can be used in different ways, as it can produce materials with characteristics such as high voltage, level of resistance, fire retardant, and high elasticity. 

These wires are usually used as insulation to equipment like microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, and refrigerator heaters. In industrial settings, this is used in aeroplanes, steel factories, ships, automobiles, heavy equipment, and communications equipment. 

Teflon Insulated Wire

Teflon Insulated Wires are heat-proof wires that are coated on top of the conductors with Teflon. Unlike other heat-resistant wires, the properties of the wire are still conditioned even at a very low and high temperature depending on the quality of the resin. Their insulation can be made thinner, which is suitable for small and light equipment.

Teflon insulated wires have a roughly 0.25 friction factor, rendering them resistant to abrasion. It is incombustible that makes it secure in the event of fires. The Teflon-coated sides are water-proof and grease-proof, allowing them to be resistant to contamination.

Internal wiring of vehicles such as aeroplanes, train cars, ships, and automobiles are made of Teflon wires. At home, these wires are in insulation devices, home appliances, electric apparatuses, and measuring instruments, computers, CATV, and electrical inspections.

Silicone Rubber Insulated Glass Fiber Braided Wire

Silicone Rubber Insulated Glass Fiber Braided Wire is a heat-proof wire that uses silicone rubber properties and glass fibre physical properties. It is created by adding to the top of the conductor the 1st insulation layer of strong, heat resistant silicone rubber, weaving with glass fibre, and coating with special silicone varnish insulation.

As an electrical insulation material, its electrical insulation properties and voltage resistance levels are high, making it attractive for buyers. When burned, it does not also emit toxic gases and is an environmentally safe material that is high radiation and ozone resistant. As it is woven after being insulated with silicone rubber with alkali-free glass fibre, its structural strength is high.

This type of wire is used in lighting devices, motor pumps and boilers. It is also a good wire for heating devices like microwave ovens, and electric rice cookers. All in all, Silicone Rubber Insulated Glass Fiber Braided Wire can be found in home appliances, house equipment, office appliances, automobile electric components, aircraft, factories and communication equipment.


To improve safety and reduce the risk of fires in factories, business buildings and homes, people are using heat resistant cables. These are wires that connect one point to another to conduct electricity. To prevent it from electrically shocking its hosts, the normal regular cables are insulated, and unique types of modifications are made to be a completely heat resistant cable.

For more information and advice about heat resistant cables, its installation and emergency repairs, reliable and trusted level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electricians will ensure your home’s safety. 

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