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Tips on Using Plug Sockets Safely

Electrical plug sockets that are old or poorly wired can be dangerous. Just because there's no flame does not mean there's no fire risk.

When moving a house, renovating or constructing a new home, plug sockets and its proper location should be one of the first considerations.

Putting an electrical socket in the right place seems a simple task, but it is not. There are many things to note, such as the type of plug socket, the height, the distance, the current and the wiring. If you are planning on securing your plug sockets for your family and employees, assistance from Level 2 Electricians may help you.

Plug Sockets in a Nutshell 

Plug sockets are widely used for connecting portable electric appliances and tools, lighting fixtures, and office equipment to the electric supply. It appears that the structure and wiring of an electrical plug are simple. However, there is no reason to ignore the electrical risks associated with the inappropriate use of electrical plugs.

The improper usage resulting in accidents like electric shocks, burns, fires and explosions are not uncommon. Without proper selection, wiring, handling, repairing and maintenance of plug sockets, it can also result in damage of equipment, loss of properties and assets, and production time.

Tips to Safely Use Plug Sockets

In consideration of the severe consequences of the electrical hazards, it is important to understand the safe use of electric plugs at home and workplace. Here are some tips and essential details that will guide on how to use your plug sockets safely.

Selection the Proper Plugs

It’ll be frustrating to discover that you can’t plug in your devices and need to find a hardware store for an adapter. Therefore, whether you intend to renovate or intend to have a new house, use only acceptable plugs that have relevant markings. 

Additionally, if you are worried about the outdoor plug sockets, there are suitable type plugs for that. You can contact electricians for more inquiries and advice about the right selection of plug sockets. For now, just choose waterproof type plugs for outdoor use or working areas where water dripping or splashing is present to avoid any electrical hazards.

Check for the Proper Wiring of Plug Sockets

When wiring the cord of electrical equipment to a plug, you should first cut the required length of outer insulation sheath of the cord and the insulation cover of the inner cable cores. Do not directly screw the inner wire cores onto the plug terminals without the core’s insulation cover.

To avoid cutting the strands of copper wires and other damage, the insulation cover of the wires/cores should be removed with caution. Then, securely tie the cord to the connector using the cord grip on the plug. Instead of the internal cores, fix on the outer sheath of the cord. Finally, properly secure the cores to the respective pins/terminals of the socket.

Plug Sockets Proper Usage

In proper usage of plug sockets, never insert any electric wire cores straight into a socket outlet to get power. Some people still do this when they have problems with their plugs, or they don’t have adapters. If you want your home to be safe, firstly, you should always secure a well-conditioned plug or other suitable devices for proper connection to the power source. Always check the plugs of your appliances before connecting it to the power points. 

Secondly, a plug or an adapter should always match with the socket outlet in your home. In cases where your plug and socket doesn’t match, do not tamper the plug or the socket, or insert the plug to the socket by force if they are of the different types. That might cause problems with the electricity flow and trigger fire.

Third, do not overload the plugs. The plug connecting electrical equipment should match with the power, current rating of the equipment. Always remember that there’s a maximum allowable power of electrical equipment connected for the different types of plug. If that exceeds, overloading will happen. It may cause devices to warm, be damaged and worse, may cause a fire. 

Lastly, plugs should be kept away from the naked flame or heat sources for that will surely cause a problem. You should also distance the electric plug from the dripping and splashing of water or other liquids to avoid electrocution or getting shocks. 

Actions to Take to Avoid Further Harm

Kids are curious and can poke, prod and touch anything within reach of an arm. A playful gesture from a child could be disastrous if your outlets are left uncovered. To avoid kids from harm, installing outlet covers will secure them the danger of electrocution and electric shocks. 

Additionally, in all rooms that have water within six feet of an electrical outlet, installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters can also secure your kids. By turning off the outlet’s power when water is detected, GFCI avoids electrocution. 

However, if you have faulty and discoloured sockets at home, the best solution is to seek help from the experts. From installation, emergency repair and the right plug sockets to install, professional electricians know it. 


Plug sockets allow us to use the convenience of electricity in our daily life effectively. However, electricity is not about convenience since it also involves danger. It’s a bigger challenge to stay electrically safe when you don’t even know how to use plug sockets safely. Through having some understanding of plug sockets and its proper usage, you can prevent any potential hazards that may harm your family, damage your appliances and properties.

For more information and advice about small and medium batteries for energy storage, its installation and emergency repairs, reliable and trusted level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electricians will ensure your home’s safety. 

With our highest quality of electrical services, expertise and mastery in all electrical works, you may leave all electrical matters in our hands and turn your attention to other things that would benefit you, your family and business.

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