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Power Pole Height Standards in Australia

Power consumption in many parts of Australia is increasing. Many people are staying at home and using up more electricity. Especially in recent times, everybody is safer indoors. As such, underground electrical systems are slowly integrated into many areas around Australia. Power companies and local administrations also set up power poles to distribute electricity. With these kinds of additions around the North Shore area, standards are necessary. This is to maintain safety around   Sydney.

Electrical experts are necessary for setting up these power poles and electrical systems. Companies such as Sydney North Shore Electrician are present to attend to this need. Level 2 ASP electricians from power service companies can provide service to you. These electricians have authorisation and permission to do power pole works for you.

Height requirements for power poles

Level 2 electrical experts from Sydney North Shore Electrician need to follow standards for power poles. Even power poles in private properties need to follow these guidelines. Safety is a top priority in installing these power poles around. One of the most important aspects of power pole setups is the height requirement. The energy council gives these guidelines to everybody around Australia.

The height of the power pole depends on the voltage the distribution lines carry. The more voltage the lines distribute, the higher the pole should be. 

  • For power lines with 415 V, the pole should be 6 to 7 meters
  • For power lines with 11 kV, the pole should be 8 to 9 meters
  • For power lines with 19 kV, the pole should be 11 to 13 meters
  • For power lines with 33 kV, the pole should be 10 to 20 meters
  • For power lines with 66 kV, the pole should be 10 to 20 meters

Power pole depth and foundation

Besides the power pole heights, the base of the power pole is important. Electricians should be able to secure a deep foundation for the poles. For higher poles, the depth of installation should be higher. Tall power poles should have a necessary depth of 2 meters before being set up on the ground. For even higher poles, the ground base should be deeper to hold the force of higher poles. poles should have at least a good margin of height for depth and foundation.

Some power poles need special permits before setup. For much taller poles (i.e. poles that carry 33 kV or more), owners and electricians should clear the area. Land areas for these power poles are more common in rural areas. Power poles and Distribution towers have a specific area to make sure that it is safe. 


The height requirement for the power poles isn’t random. Local safety and electricity councils give them for a reason. It is to ensure the safety of everybody or anybody working in the area. Working with power lines and high power poles is dangerous enough. This is why only Accredited Service Providers have permission for power pole works. To make sure that nothing happens to you, trust that your electrical experts can deal with these matters at hand.

If you want to install a power pole inside your private property, keep yourself away from harm. Call the Level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electrician to set them up for you. Work with them and make sure you get the proper pole with proper height. There are plenty of pole providers around. You can choose poles made from various kinds of material. Find the one that suits you and your budget. Work with the electricians in dealing with electrical matters at home.


Sydney North Shore Electrician is your partner electrical expert. Dealing with power lines and power distribution poles is a Level 2 electrical work. Not everybody has the expertise and experience to set up power poles in any area around Sydney. As a team dedicated to serving you, we have level 2 electricians for you in this specific matter. Don’t fret! We offer our services to you in your time of need. Don’t hesitate to contact us!  

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