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Power Overload: Causes and Prevention

Power overloads happen quite frequently in your home. Electricity runs through your home almost all day for years. Without the rare occasion of power outages and interruptions, your power system is always on standby to give electricity.

Always check your home and your appliances. Make sure that none of them is experiencing the effects of a power overload. Don’t compromise your safety with having too much power within your residence.

Only licensed level 2 electricians can help you in addressing the effects of a power overload. Sydney North Shore Electrician is your partner in this aspect. Don’t wait for the moment your circuit breakers start tripping because of too much power around. 

What is a power overload?

A power overload is an excess presence of electricity present in your circuits. This usually happens because there is a need to power up so many things at once. Imagine, there are plenty of devices that need electricity. This results in your power supply in excess use within a limited capacity. Some of your circuits are not designed to handle too much of that power running around. This can cause gradual damage to your system. This can put you at risk. 

Always look out for the signs that your house is having a power overload experience. If these things happen from time to time, call in your electrician to help you plan safety measures.

  •  Lights flicker every time you turn it on
  • Dimming lights 
  • Buzzing sounds are audible
  • Burn marks from switches or outlets
  • Outlets or switches turn too hot
  • Devices that experience a deficiency or lack in power supply
  • Circuit breakers are constantly tripping

What are the causes of a power overload? 

A power overload doesn’t just happen. Unlike some disturbances, a power overload can have many roots. Most of them are things you can mitigate. Always check and avoid doing some things to prevent power overloads from happening. A lot of things cause a power overload in your home. Check if any of these are occurring in your home. 

  • Too many appliances plugged into the outlets
  • Too many extension cords plugged with so many devices
  • Outdated circuit breakers in your home
  •  Appliances are within inappropriate circuits
  • Faulty wiring and cables
  • Faulty appliances that overdraw current outside of its capacity
  • Occurrences of short circuits
  • Ground fault surges – hot wire touches and ground wire 

Any of these can contribute to the event of a power overload in your home. Although many things don’t seem so simple, there are things you can avoid doing. Avoid burning down your home by installing safety measures and practising safe methods. 

How can you prevent power overload? 

Prevention is better than a cure. There are things you can do to make sure that power overload doesn’t happen in your home. These safety measures can save your circuits from potential damage from power overload. Invest in your safety and make sure that your home is as safe as ever. 

  • Limit the use of extension cords
  • Plug-in devices to specific circuits that can handle its power supply
  • Unplug devices that you are not using
  • Do a maintenance check in your home
  • Upgrade your circuits for better power efficiency 
  • Upgrade your circuit breakers for better safety
  • Install new outlets if it’s necessary

For upgrades in your wiring and circuits for, call in the best people around to help you. Sydney North Shore Electrician has more experience that can help you in your plans. A power overload should not put you in an anxious state. You deserve some peace of mind especially if you have children running around.


It’s often easy to overlook a power overload. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on these things to avoid future damage and accidents. More often than not, you’ll end up spending a lot. Circuits get damaged and wiring starts melting out from too much power can cost you. Choose the switch and call Sydney North Shore Electrician. We are a team with a dedication in making sure your power overload problems go away. It’s our mission to help you achieve a home that is safe to be in. Contact us! 

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