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Office Lighting Ideas to Increase Workplace Productivity

Lighting is a good mood setter in any space. Having the right lighting in the proper setting and condition can elevate any place.

However, the purpose of lighting isn’t only rooted in aesthetic and mood setting. Lighting makes a good change in the mental stimulation of a person. The right design of lighting can improve days and work productivity.

A study conducted by Henri Juslén et. al, gave evidence that the use of different dimming lights per individual gave this “improved visual performance, biological effects of light, or psychological effects” to the participants. There are many studies in different fields that prove how lighting improves overall mental health. Lighting plays a vital role in keeping you motivated and inspired.

Whether it’s an office, a restaurant, a classroom, lighting affects visual health too. As such, it’s important to consider curating your lighting well. Have the right partner to execute what you have in mind. Sydney North Shore Electrician gives you Level 2 Electricians that can cater to what works for you. To plan your future office lighting layout, these ideas might give you the help you need.

Utilise daylight as much as possible

Daylight has always been a good contender for productivity. It increases the energy that can boost work. To increase work drive, place your desk in a place in the room where an ample amount of daylight is. Place it near the window or glass. This doesn’t only improve your productivity but it can also save you a lot of money in lighting expense. If it gets too hot, set up some sort of shade or cover in the glass or window to lessen the warmth that you might feel.

Use different colours of light for different work areas

Different colours of lights entice different moods in the workplace. Dark light invites you for rest and a chill mental backdrop. Blue light mimics daylight. As such, using it can increase productivity. Blue light invites the body to wake up. If you want to make a meeting room more inviting to many people, use yellow light. Style office spaces with a good light and layout coordination in mind.

Set different light types for different seasons

The season directly affects lighting. For summer days, it is vibrant, warm and full of light. For the winter season, it gets cooler and dark with the atmosphere. As such, adjust your lighting levels well. Consider dimmer switches and colours in different seasons. Adjustable light can give you the customisation you need.

Buy efficient light sources that last

Just as much as it is important to consider the colour and season, it is equally as important to purchase reliable light sources. Recent trends in lighting installations and design favour LED lights. LED lights have the flexibility to be in use in many fixtures and places. Your productivity in work shouldn’t only stop in work alone but in your lighting accessories too. Buying lightbulbs frequently might cost you a lot for the sake of improving productivity. Invest well.

Invest in functional lighting fixtures

Spaces with good design improve the mental atmosphere. Part of designing good office space is choosing the right kinds of light fixtures and accessories. For enclosed spaces without sockets and ample daylight, lampstands are considerable options. If you want to have an interesting space, wall luminaires and wall sconces can inspire your creativity. Different fixtures and accessories can entice you to work better.


Improve your productivity by planning your lighting. Not all spaces need to have a home kind of atmosphere, especially if you work from home. There are spaces you can design to improve focus for work. You must do well in your office setup whether it’s from an actual office or from your house. Have Lighting Specialists help you in executing the job. Sydney North Shore Electrician is available 24/7 for you. All you need to do is contact us!

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