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News Updates on Small to Medium Scale Batteries for Energy Storage

Engineers and policymakers are gradually turning their attention to energy storage technologies. The concerns about the environmental impacts, limited resources of fossil fuels, the capability and resilience of energy grids around the globe have opted for the evolution of energy storage.

Indeed, energy storage using batteries can help to overcome the intermittent nature of solar and wind power. It can also respond quickly to significant demand fluctuations in many situations, like making the grid more flexible and eliminating the need to build back up power plants.

The efficiency of energy storage is determined by how quickly it can respond to demand changes, the rate of energy lost in the storage phase, its overall capacity to store energy, and how efficiently it can be recharged. To understand more about batteries and their efficiency in storing energy, here are some updates and information that will guide you.

What Does Battery Do?

Batteries are technologies for energy storage which use chemicals to absorb and release on-demand energy. The most common battery chemistry in storing electricity is the lithium-ion. These are incredibly beneficial because they have flexibility, unlike many other types of energy storage and generation. 

Renewable energy generation coupling batteries allow energy to be stored during periods of low demand and released at high demand periods. Batteries respond more rapidly by turning on and off in fractions of a second, helping maintain grid stability.

Additionally, batteries can be small, medium and large scale. In order to provide backup power, smaller-scale batteries can be mounted in homes, medium scales for schools and commercial establishments, and large scale for delivering power to a whole town. Moreover, the usage of batteries for renewable energy is expected to increase over the coming years as a result of the technology’s versatility and falling costs.

Updates on Small Scale Batteries for Energy Storage

Small-scale energy storage batteries provide individuals and small businesses with a financial opportunity to install small-scale generating units, solar water heaters and heat pumps from air sources. These battery storage systems may not be eligible in the energy storage system, but authorized systems with an integrated battery may be eligible to participate. 

Number of Battery Installation 

The small-scale demand for batteries in Australia is limited but growing. Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports that a total of just over 43,000 residential and commercial batteries, mainly with PV systems, have been installed up to 2018 inclusive, and total projects would mostly triple by 2020. This compares to roughly 223,000 deployed PV systems in 2018. 

Small Scale Battery Problem and Solution

For small-scale batteries, the common problem is that it gives no sign on the switchboard that indicates a battery is attached and no sign to indicate measures to shut down the battery. That is why it’s worth noting that AS/NZS4086 Secondary batteries for use with standalone power systems will replace the previous edition of AS/ NZS 5139:2019 Electrical Installations for the batteries system’s safety for use with power conversion devices.

This is a significant revision that includes, among other items, lithium-ion batteries including lead-acid and NiCad batteries. It is planned that it will come into force by mid-2020 in all states and territories of Australia.

Updates on Medium Scale Batteries for Energy Storage

The medium-scale energy storage system for lithium-ion batteries is usually used for schools, town halls, train stations, factories for energy-saving and electrical load levelling and shifting purposes. Such systems could be located in any location and implemented quickly, or this can also be installed near the point of demand in a building. Medium battery systems have the environmental effect of other innovations in the Energy Storage System (ESS).

In addition, an update is that new battery technologies are being produced at a lower cost than the Lead-Acid battery with a higher energy storage capacity. Hydrogen Vanadium Redox, Regenesys ® Redox, Sodium Sulfur, Lithium-Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium and Zinc Bromide are only some of these emerging developments.

Energy Storage Updates

Over the years, both small and medium scale have their own disadvantages. Also, due to the environmental impact and the depletion of renewable resources, it reinforces the installation and upgrades of large scale batteries for energy storage. Especially today, the demand for electricity arises as residents are locked in their homes consuming much electricity. 

Around Australia, the government has been planning and doing solutions to compensate for the high demand of energy. News updates about these energy storage today are listed below:

NSW Update on Granted Energy Storage Projects

The Regional Community Energy Fund grants community energy projects which generate innovative and dispatchable renewable energy and benefit the local community. This is to increase the production of renewable energy, boost the efficiency of energy and help communities save money on electricity bills. Here are some of the projects receiving NSW grant funding:

  • Byron Bay Solar Farm + Battery Storage Facility – Primary technology and capability is 5 MW Solar PV, 5 MW / 10MWh battery storage located at Ewingsdale
  • Goulburn Community Dispatchable Solar Farm – Primary technology and capability is 1.2 MW Solar PV, 0.4 MW / 0.8MWh battery storage located at Goulburn
  • Orange Community Renewable Energy Park – Primary technology and capability is 5 MW Solar PV up to 5 MW / 5 MWh battery located at Orange
  • Shared Community Battery Scheme – Primary technology and capability is 1 MW / 2MWh battery located at Regional NSW

Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) in South Australia

Hydrostor’s Angas Project is Australia’s first Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) system and the first A-CAES facility in Australia. To operate a compressor that compresses the air into a hermetic underground reservoir or surface vessel/piping, CAES utilizes the peaks of energy produced by renewable energy plants.

Variety of fuels combined with a combustion turbine, compressed air is used to produce electric energy when demand is high. The energy storage capacity depends on the volume of the deposit and the overall compressed air storage pressure. Typically, start-up time is high. For large and medium (micro CAES) scale systems, CAES is used.


Small and medium batteries can give the best potential for energy storage. However, with its lapses, new batteries are currently being transmitted to various modes of transmission and distribution applications, likely flowing out of an establishment and homes with different advantages. With today’s energy demands and the issue of reducing energy resources, battery upgrades will soon emerge to provide a solution.

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