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Introduction to Electrical Power Point

Electricity is one of the most important power sources we consume every day.

Long before advanced technology exists, electricity is only needed for lighting. After all, there were few appliances and other electrical devices available. Therefore, most households a couple of years back had only a single powerpoint installed in every room.

Even today, there are modern houses that have fewer powerpoints installed in their homes. Perhaps, due to the stiff competition between contractors or limited resources. In fact, this could pose an expensive issue later on if you decide to revamp your kitchen or replace the worn-out wirings. Switches and outlets wear over time and the same goes with the wiring behind it. Which prompts you to update your electrical receptacles and wirings at home. 

Poor quality of electrical powerpoint can cause faulty or broken electrical wiring which results in an electrical shock or worse can start a fire. That is why it’s important to install power points during the construction stage. 

But before you decide to add or alter the previous powerpoint, it is advisable to consult a trusted and reliable licensed electrician at Sydney North Shore Electrician

What is Electrical Power Point

Electrical powerpoint is an electrical socket mounted or recessed into the wall known as general power outlets (GPO) or socket outlets. A powerpoint is technically referred to as a socket outlet which is commonly recognised in almost all modern households in Australia. And less of a GPO which stands for General Purpose Outlet or General Power Outlet that is used in other countries especially in America.

What voltage and frequency used in Australia

In Australia, power plugs and sockets used are of Type I. It has two flat pins in a V shape with a grounding pin. The standard voltage used in Australia is 230 V and its frequency is 50 Hz.

Different Types of Electrical Power Point

Socket outlets are available in different styles that can be installed and maintained by your trusted electrician in Sydney. Electrical powerpoint is best installed during an ongoing construction since it is more cost-effective. Listed below are the most common power points available.

  • Single power point 
  • Double power point 
  • Weatherproof power point
  • Double with Switch power point
  • USB power point

Electrical Power Point Usage Information

Double over single power point

Single powerpoint is best only where you really need it to be installed such as door frames or size is an issue. Although the double powerpoint is quite expensive, it is far more convenient compared to a single GPO.

With switch power point

There are powerpoints with an additional switch that’s used for a light or a fan. It reduces clutter and helps you manage your appliances while eliminating excess powerboards.

USB power point

USB power point allows you to charge your gadgets directly such as phone, camera or tablet without the need for an adaptor. 

15A power point

15A powerpoint is usually used in garages, motorhomes or other large machinery. The only difference between 10A and 15A socket is that it has a larger earth pin. A 15A socket allows 10A appliances to be plugged in. But a 10A will not accept 15A appliances.


Compromising the safety of your family is not an option. If you have the resources to have enough power points installed, then, do so without even thinking twice about it. Switches and wirings will wear out over time and eventually stop functioning. But, with a robust power point and trusted electricians, Sydney North Shore Electrician guarantees you safety and high standards of electrical works.

If you find you are short of power points in your house, your workplace or even in any commercial establishments, Sydney North Shore Electrician can provide you with the best solution in accordance with your resources. Once your electrical switch mechanism stops working, it is best to replace it immediately to avoid exposing the wirings behind it and eliminate potential hazards.

Sydney North Shore Electrician is your one-stop to all your commercial electrical services needs. Call us on 02 8378 2828 to provide you with the right electrical power point solution.

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