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Introduction to Electric Power Quality

Electricity is a vital part of everyday operations. There is such a thing as good electric power quality. Since power quality can affect your daily affairs, it’s important to know the basics of power quality.

This ensures that you have a background on what good power quality is. Many disturbances can cause electricity to not work on its optimal level. Having imperfect power systems and sources doesn’t mean you can’t have a good one. 

Along with good power quality in your home, you’ll need expert help in case any situation arises. This is where Sydney North Shore Electrician comes in. Good power quality also comes from people with good knowledge and professionalism. We are the experts who can tell you best.

What is electric power quality?

Electric power quality as IEEE defines is “the concept of powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment in a manner suitable for the equipment with precise wiring system and other connected equipment.” In simpler terms, power quality means the ability of electrical equipment to use electricity well. In this aspect, efficiency and work come into play. Many of today’s electrical operations suffer because of poor power quality. Bad power costs a lot.

Although it may look like power quality only comes from the power running around, it’s not. A big aspect of assessing power quality comes from many things too. It’s good to evaluate your devices, check the condition of your home and look at your lifestyle.

What factors affect electric power quality?

Electric power quality is a very broad aspect to tackle. Many factors and aspects are necessary to address power quality issues. Three main things define how well power can work in your system and devices that you have.

  • Frequency is the cycles that current can go through in a second. A large deviation in frequency can affect the condition of your power systems. Gradual damage can occur with frequent changes in the frequency.
  • Voltage is the force that moves the electrons along its path. Several disturbances and issues within power systems come from voltage issues.
  • A waveform is an analysis between power and the devices that use power. Good power quality will display curve waveforms from power quality devices.

With the interplay of these factors and the devices you have, you can have a snapshot of how your current electrical condition looks like. Power quality also affects how your electric bills show your power consumption costs.  

Why is it important to have good electric power quality?

Having power is one thing. However, having good power is the ideal scenario. Good power quality also equates to clean energy running through your electrical system. It affects your home in many ways. It directly affects the cost, efficiency and reliability where power is.

  • Bad power that comes through your home can cost you a lot. Repairs and installations cost a lot. If you don’t invest in a good power system beforehand, your home suffers. You might need frequent repairs and unexpected maintenance occurrences.
  • The purpose of having good energy is to make things easier. Efficiency is the key to make your home more functional. Since most devices rely on electricity, low power quality alters the way devices work. Even worse, power may not be sufficient in keeping your appliances running properly.
  • Electricity is essential every day. You need a reliable source that can provide steady energy to your home in a clean, cost-efficient way too.

How to improve power quality? 

High power quality is a conscious effort you need to invest in. Your power supply improves with smart power decisions. You also need the help of experts that can make you decide the best thing to do about your power. This is where Sydney North Shore Electrician comes in. We are here to give you the help you need. 


Sydney North Shore Electrician have expert Level 2 Electricians who can give you the proper advice. We can help you achieve the superb power quality you want. We are a team with more than a decade of experience in handling almost any kind of power work. We can work with you, especially if you’re in the North Shore Area. Electrical help is near you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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