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How to Solve Voltage Dip Problems

For every household in Australia, there is a standard amount of electricity to keep things running smoothly.

As most homes need energy and have countless gadgets, consistent power is a necessity. There is nothing that electricity can’t do to make your life better. A sudden change or halt in electricity causes the stop in most of your household operations. There is an average standard of 230 V that is necessary to keep things running well.

On top of a constant power supply, reliable electrical experts are also a necessity. You need real Level 2 electricians that can come to you in times of any trouble. Sydney North Shore Electrician is one of the most reliable electricians around you. You can call them any time there’s a situation. One of the most common incidents you will face is a voltage dip in your home. To mitigate voltage dips, there are ways you can apply to your power system at home.

First things first, what is a voltage dip? A voltage dip is a temporary decrease or dip of power in some of your circuits. The voltage drop can range from 90% to 1% of normal operating voltage.  A voltage drop of more than 5% of the normal can cause major disruption in your household. All kinds of infrastructure can suffer damages to circuits with higher voltage dips. 

There are many reasons why a voltage dip occurs. It may result from some circuits needing more electricity to power the devices that you plug in. In consequence, it causes other circuits to experience a lack of power and voltage dip. It can also result from an unsteady power supply. Either way, it’s better to apply precaution to your devices.

Invest in a UPS

Make sure to have a backup power supply or an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Only a steady power supply can guarantee that your home is continuously running. Besides your utility power from the power source, a backup is also necessary. A UPS is a device inserted between the power supply and the device. It stores some amount of energy. In case there are interruptions from the power supply, your device gets power from the UPS. To add a bonus, a UPS protects your device from power surges too.  

Limit the number of devices

Another way to solve voltage dip is also to lessen the number of devices plugged in. The fewer devices you have, the less power you need to run your home. If you have devices that need a large amount of power to work, assign a separate circuit for it. Other devices don’t need to compete getting power. Especially if there is another device that needs more power to function. Lower your circuit load to distribute the electricity as evenly as possible.

Shorten distance from the power supply

The shorter the distance the power has to travel, the less resistance it will experience. When power is going through cables, the wires can not preserve all the electricity. For all imperfect power systems, there is electricity lost along the way. To lessen voltage dips, design your major circuits and panels to be as close to the power source as possible. Being closer to the power supply means that there are fewer interruptions for the travelling voltage.

Use larger-sized cables

Another way to lessen voltage dips is to design your power systems well. From the start, ask your local electrician for bigger cables. Bigger conductors have lesser resistance, allowing more power to go through your cables. You can call Sydney North Shore Electrician. We will plan out electrical installations and upgrades for you.


Voltage dips are normal incidents in your household. However, constant voltage dips can present problems to your devices. It’s time to contact Sydney North Shore Electrician for an electrical upgrade. Any upgrade to keep your power more stable is worth the price. You’re not just investing in a newer upgrade, you’re investing for your safety. Contact us!

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