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How to Recycle Electrical Waste Responsibly

Australians are among the world's biggest consumers of modern technology and buy more than 2.4 million devices per year.

This makes it a growing issue for electronic waste or e-waste, including computers and accessories. Because of their large sizes, the inclusion of toxic materials, and strong resource recovery potential for non-renewable resources like tin, nickel, zinc and copper, computers are suitable for recycling.

When we buy the new iPhone or the next-generation LCD TV, most of us don’t care about environmental issues, but how we dispose of e-waste has a significant environmental impact. To recycle your electronic waste safely, follow these guidelines:

Donate Good Conditioned Appliances

If the electronic waste is a working phone or device, don’t recycle it if it’s still in good condition. Maximise its life span by donating it to a needy cause. Look for organisations that are connected in your council. They will put your legacy electronics to good use.

Recycling Service

If the device has defects, the best thing to do is find a responsible recycle centre near you. Since a lot of e-waste is sent to landfills for sorting or burning in developing nations, it’s necessary to make ways that may help the environment. Finding one that treats the e-waste safely, with minimal effects on human health and the climate, it’s worthwhile.

Exploring Available Recycling Options

In your area, to responsibly get rid of electrical waste, you have to get to know the available options. Maybe you should drop your e-waste there, mail-in service or schedule a day for collection. You can also try figuring out businesses that accept electrical waste. For instance, through its Renew program for brands like Apple, they allow customers to recycle devices in their stores or online.

Additionally, some businesses take back old electronics. If you’re buying a new TV, some retailers take back old TVs and other e-waste for discounts, and that is one way of recycling it responsibly. You can also have the benefit. 

Implementing Recycling Policy 

Having a recycling program for e-waste in your workplace helps large companies benefit from having a waste audit to reduce their e-waste and set targets. Consuming less as possible will help you easily get rid of electrical waste. 

Make it a priority to recycle old equipment in a responsible way when you have to update your systems and appliances. Explore your choices and find an approved recycler or one whose practice complies with strict standards. You’ll help a cleaner world by ensuring that e-waste is carefully recycled.

Repurposing Electronics and Metals

E-waste is not worthless. Precious metals, including rare earth metals and gold, fill up our outdated gadgets. They take a great deal of energy and money from the land to mine. It is possible to remove and use the metal inside e-waste to produce batteries, jewellery, metal plates, and other electronics. Through recycling, instead of sitting in the landfill, we ensure that these metals remain useful.

Using Parts of the Electronic Device

If managed responsibly and looking for top-notch recycling service, over 90% of raw materials, including metals, will be useful in a device that can be created from unwanted electrical waste. You just wouldn’t know that your old laptop may be used as jewellery, outdoor furniture, or plastic fence posts in the future.


Millions of phones, laptops, TVs, wires, batteries and other electrical waste are discarded by Australians every year. That is why it is important to responsibly recycle electronic waste and avoid it from being dumped fully in landfills. With that, you can also help the environment recover from the damage that electrical waste is causing.

For more information and advice about responsible recycling of electrical waste, reliable and trusted level 2 electricians from Sydney North Shore Electricians can help you with that and ensure your home’s safety. 

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