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How to Connect to the Electric Meter Box

Homeowners have both electric meters and electric meter boxes at home. Electric meters are the responsibility of the power providers in the state. If there’s one thing that should interest you, it’s the electric meter box in your property.

The electric meter box is the main protection of the electric meter. It’s useful for you to have some information about these boxes that protect the reading meter in your home. 

These matters are electrical works. Your local licensed electricians are present to help you in any electrical task. The electric meter is usually outside. It is accessible and close enough to the power distribution line specific to your estate. This goes the same for the electric meter box. Sydney North Shore Electrician is there to help you in any electric works at home. You can always rely on some expert help where power is of concern.

For the electric meter box inside your location, there are simple steps you can follow first. Before connecting the new electrical box around the electric meters, secure them first. You still need precaution in connecting a box. You don’t want to get sudden electric shocks, right?

1.   Pick a good place to connect the box

Take into account where the electric meter is first. Your power provider should’ve safely installed it in an accessible location. That’s when the box follows. The most important thing to consider with the electric meter box is the height you are going to connect it. The most optimal distance from the ground is about 4 ft up to 6 ft up. This is good enough for necessary access, but safe enough from any harm. 

2.   Make sure the power is turned off

Turn off all the electricity in your area. Take into account your safety first and when you’re working the electric meter box. Wear proper protective equipment. There are non-conductive gloves available around. Avoid any electric shock that can send you to the hospital. Invest in good pair to keep yourself safe.

If you need extra aid in connecting your electric meter box, Sydney North Shore Electrician have Level 2 electricians ready to get the job done. They can also work with your electricity provider. They can guarantee that the power is out before connecting the box. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

3.   Mount the box in the chosen location

An electric meter box has screw holes around it. It may also have different partitions for additional mounting. In your chosen height, set up the electric meter box on the wall. To make things easier, create screw holes in the wall or the surface that you’re going to mount your box. This makes the screw more secured in keeping the box mounted. 

4.   Secure the cutouts in the electric meter box

There are wiring and cables that will run through your electric meter box. Some wires will come from the main power line and lead into the box towards the reading meter. Make sure the electric meter box has additional cutouts. These cutouts will serve as a partition for protective tubes and pipes that can keep the wiring safe. Secure the extra protection to the box. If you can, mount these tubes or pipes on the wall to keep it as sturdy as the box. 

5.   Connect the wiring from the electric meter

After mounting the box, you can now work on the electric meter. Connect any electric meter wiring to the electric meter. Do this with safety and caution to avoid electrocution and accidents. Connect the electric meter to its respective wiring and cables.

6.   Safeguard the electric meter box in its place

After setting up everything, do a double-check. Check out for any loose screws or flimsy mounts on the wall. The electric meter box should keep the electric meter safe. It should be very strong against any weathering condition outside. 


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