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How to Check if Your Home Needs Rewiring

It might seem that rewiring your home can be a costly and daunting process. But to avoid electrical faults, rewiring must occur immediately if your home electrical wiring is faulty or severely damaged. If you take negligence at all times, this may trigger electric fires or electrocution.

In Australia, some form of electrical failure or fault attributes to up to 40 per cent of all residential fires. Although some of these you can avoid by taking more cautious methods, such as not leaving a cell phone close to flammable materials to charge, others can be directly due to overloaded electrical circuits, defective electrical equipment, and damaged wiring.

Becoming attentive to indications of cable deterioration is important as your home ages and the demands of upgrades in electrical systems increases. That is why if you have not thought of rewiring your home yet, here are several signs to watch out for that will encourage you to rewire your electrical system to keep your home safe for your family.

Old Homes

Homes over 40-50 years of age are most at risk of getting damaged wiring or a loose link. This is simply because, particularly with lots of use and exposure to elements such as damp, dust, dirt and everything else that lives within the walls of an old home, wiring can degrade over time. 

Government standards for electrical installation always update as they often adjust to keep up with technological advancements. This includes the components that are used and the technology’s energy efficiency. If your house is 50 years or older, and you have electrical issues, get it inspected today for rewiring. If not, get ready to accept and pay for penalties that may be more costly than the process of rewiring.

Discoloured Outlets and Switches

One way to tell that your home needs rewiring is the discolouration or burnt electrical outlets and switches that are a strong indication of sparking outlets. The sparking, which will cause a small fire, may result in a loose connection or damaged wiring near the outlet or switch. This tiny fire will leave a discolouration on the outlet surface, and that should be immediately inspected.

Burning Smell

Usually, the tiny fire can cause a slight smell of burning when an electric short happens near your switches. If you detect a burning smell and are unable to find the source, your wiring may have short circuits behind your walls or under your floors. Any unexplained burning smell in your home should be checked as soon as possible by a trained electrician to avoid further damage.

Reliance on Extension Cords

Regularly using extension cords means not enough outlets. This increasing dependency on extension cords on the subject of power fluctuations is a typical indication that your house needs rewiring with additional sockets installed in your common living areas.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

To secure your wiring and electricity, circuit breakers are your great help. If the electrical flow exceeds what the circuit breaker can manage, the power will be cut off to avoid any damage. This is a positive thing, but if it happens too much, it means that there is an issue with your wiring that can be solved by rewiring. 

Powerpoints Overheating and Sparking

You don’t need us to tell you that your powerpoints are a very important part of your home’s infrastructure. So if you notice that they are overheating, or sparking, this clearly means they are a danger to you and your family. A single spark could light a fire, and overheating sockets can damage your electrical goods irreparably. 

You may also notice that your sockets or wires are slightly discoloured or charred. This is caused by a spark burning and fraying the wires. On top of all this, you may get a slight electrical shock when plugging or unplugging a power cord. This presents a danger, especially if you have small children around. Rewiring a home means replacing the sockets and the faulty wiring that feeds it, so you get fresh and freely working electrical flow.

Overly Expensive Power Bills

Poor wiring may also lead to inefficiency in power delivery. So if your power bills are skyrocketing with no other real explanation, this could be the issue. If the wires are sending too much power to the outlet and creating spikes and tripping the circuit, this will be reflected on your bill. A home rewire may come at a cost, but it can save you loads in the long run.


Once you have had your house wiring checked by a qualified electrician, stay safe by avoiding overuse of extension cords and power boards. Ensure ceilings and walls are secured to prevent rodents from gnawing on wires. By treating electricity with respect it deserves and staying vigilant for the above indicators that your wiring may be compromised, you can minimise the risk of fire – protecting your family and possessions.

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