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How to Safely Change a Light Switch in Australia

A damaged light switch can disrupt your normal everyday activities. Your light switch is your power’s gateway to your home’s lighting and fixtures.

It is important that your home has a good light switch that can function well every day. There might be very rare occasions at home. Your light switch doesn’t function as well as it should. You start hearing weird whirring noises out of nowhere. time to change your light switch in that area.

Light switch change is still electrical work. Only experts should carry out these works. Power is still a very lethal energy source around. It isn’t uncommon to have electrical accidents here and there. There are aspects of electrical works that need expertise. Sydney North Shore Electrician is your local electrician around. They give power-related services no matter how small it is. Your damaged electrical light switch is in safe hands. 

Why your light switch doesn’t work 

Light switches wear out over time. Especially for older properties with electrical systems over four decades old. These light control fixtures degrade over  the years. As such, it is important to have them checked and fixed constantly. It isn’t very different for newer light switches. There are many possible reasons why your electrical light switch isn’t working. Before calling your local electrician to change your light switch, do an initial checkup first.

  • Is your lightbulb and light fixtures working well?
  • Is your light bulb socket in good condition?
  • Are your circuit breakers or fuse box tripping often?
  • Do you smell any burning odour whenever you turn the light switch?
  • Do you hear frying, whirring or buzzing noises whenever you turn the switch?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you might need to replace your light switch as soon as you can. If you leave your light switch longer in that state, it might turn dangerous. Light switches are prone to overheating and eventual source of house fires. To keep your home safe, ask the aid of your electrical experts in the scene. 

How to change your light switch safely

Changing your light switch is electrical work. Only licensed electricians should work these matters in your home. They have the experience and practise to assess your light switch. Changing it isn’t just as simple as unscrewing the light switch fixture on the wall and putting on a new one. You need to trace back the wiring that connected to the light switch. That wiring might be the cause of the burning odour and audible frying sounds you hear.

Loose light switches can also electrocute you when you’re handling it by yourself. Moreover, there are many kinds of light switches available. You might have different light switches. Single-pole-single-throw switches and three-way light switches are common to many homes. Varying switches need different levels and knowledge of maintenance and change. Before changing the light switch, a thorough examination and assessment are necessary. 

In the state of Sydney, changing your light switch is an offence. This offence is classified as unlicensed electrical work. Only authorised electricians can handle these types of electrical works. Unlicensed electrical works can land you a fine of up to $110,000 (NSW Fair Trading). Invest in your safety and avoid any unnecessary expense that can come from these works.

Call the electrical service providers

Sydney North Shore Electrician is around to handle your light switch change. May it be installation or repair, every home deserves the safest service. Your electricians undergo different training, seminars, and assessments before working. They are more equipped in handling your electrical systems in the safest manner. We guarantee that your light switch is in the best condition afterwards.


There isn’t a set way that gives the safest way to handle your light switch. Sydney North Shore Electrician is there to assist you. We guarantee quality service and your satisfaction. If you have an emergency electrical problem in North Shore our emergency electricians are available 24/7.

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