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How Important are Surge Protectors in Keeping Your Appliances Safe

Electronic appliances let us do necessary things with comfort and convenience. They are an essential part of people’s modern lives within the North Shore of Sydney.

However, without adequate protection against electrical disturbances like surges, our valuable appliances may be at serious risk.

Most households and industries across the North Shore of Sydney have invested in expensive appliances for an optimised way of doing chores and works. Whether you are cooking, cleaning and doing paperwork, you typically use electronic devices.

However, since most of these appliances require electricity to work, they are not safe from the risks brought by electrical disturbances such as surges. Hence, surge protectors are now at hand to keep your appliances safe from destructive electrical transients.

Damaging Effects of Transient Waves

Surges or transient waves are rapid overvoltage disturbances which can threaten your modern devices and electrical components. It can create an arc of electricity within your appliances, producing heat that permanently destroys circuit boards and fries out electronic wirings.

Likewise, the most common source of transient waves is the appliances within your home, which require significant amounts of energy to operate. You may sometimes notice that your lights flicker when heavy load appliances are turned on and off. Since powerful devices demand a huge amount of electricity, it puts much pressure on your electrical system and causes surges.

Moreover, power surges caused by lightning strikes, utility bank switching, and power outages may rarely occur. However, they can be destructive enough to put your expensive appliances to an indefinite rest.

On the other hand, minimal power surges which occur daily can erode interior parts and reduce the functional life of your appliances. Besides, they can be powerful enough to cause electronics breakdown over time.

Surge Protector Guards Your Electronic Appliances

Surge protectors keep your appliances and electrical components safe from the damaging effects electrical surges. These components include electrical and communication lines such as telephone and cable wirings. 

Also, it counts anything plugged into your outlets such as refrigerators, computers and televisions.

During a power surge, the voltage supplied to your appliances exceeds the standard and safe level. Instead of transferring excess energy through your electrical items, a surge protector fight against electrical surges through redirecting excess current to a grounding wire. It filters away excess power and normalises the level of input power before it flows into your appliances.

Furthermore, surge protectors provide a layering defence against transient surges to give better protection to your valuable devices. You can choose to have surge protectors installed at your service entrance, distribution panel or connected to your appliances. 

This layering defence can secure your electronics against recurring transient waves, lightning-induced surges and power disruptions.

Are Surge Protectors Necessary?

Damage from electrical surges is the primary cause of your electronic appliance failure. Devices within your home such as televisions, computers, and air conditioners require a specific amount of electricity to operate safely. 

Without the use of surge protectors, excess current may burn out wirings and certain parts of your appliances. Thus, causing a reduction in your device’s operational life.

Surge protectors can prevent destructive electrical disturbances from destroying your household devices. Therefore, having your surge protectors at home is necessary to achieve a safe and secure electrical system for your electronic appliances.


Modern appliances play an essential role in our domestic lives. The more we try to achieve a comfortable and convenient life, the more significant are appliances in our daily routine. 

Therefore, it is also necessary to keep them secure and safe from the threats brought by electrical disruptions or surges.

Having surge protectors is one of the best ways to safeguard your electronic devices from transient surges. They protect your appliances’ components and allows them to operate smoothly while giving value to its serviceable life.

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