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How Electricians Assess Power Quality

Power quality is an important aspect of home management. It tells you how well equipment and devices use electricity to function. There are ways to measure how well the power works in your home. A lot of things influence good power quality. A lot of factors deter the power quality too. Both are dependent on the power source and all that involves your electrical system at home. Electricians assess power quality. They can give the best advice for homes that want better power efficiency.

The aim is always to make energy more productive in Australia. As of 2020, there has been an increase in the way Australians use power. The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources records an increase of 1.3% in power productivity. There is a constant increase trend for better power quality and cleaner energy sources that will power homes in Sydney. 

You can improve the efficiency and productivity of your power too. Call in expert advice to understand the current state of the power in your property. Sydney North Shore Electrician can help you in that aspect. Make regular power assessments a routine to improve your home.

Assessment devices 

Some devices help in assessing power quality. Many devices can calculate the efficiency of power in any setting. Power quality has major factors to put into consideration. Matters such as voltage, frequency and waveforms tested. Most of the devices give a variety of quantitative and qualitative values on your power. 


Multimeters are devices that measure several electrical functions in your home. It can determine the voltage, resistance, frequency and currents. Multimeters then combine these values into a single measurement. These devices are standard tools for measuring power quality. As such, they are often affordable and available widely. There are more expensive calibrated ones for a higher degree of standards.

Power analysers 

Power analysers measure the flow of power, measured in energy per second units. However, power analysers are more powerful tools for assessment. Some more advanced models can give a more complex analysis of power. Power analysers consider mechanical energy. Electricians use power analysers for efficiency mapping and benchmark modelling of power. As multimeters give numbers, power analysers can give an in-depth assessment of those numbers.

Disturbances in power

Assessing power quality also takes into consideration the disturbances of power systems. As much as ideal power quality is the goal, it isn’t the case in the real world. There will always be issues in electrical systems that affect its quality. 

  • Power interruptions are short losses in power for a few seconds. They are normally from the disruptions with the power supply.
  • Voltage dips are sudden drops in energy. They result from some circuits drawing in more power for its connected devices, leaving other circuits with a dip or a sag in power.
  • Voltage swell is a sudden increase in energy. Voltage swells cause damage to circuits and devices with limited power capacity.
  • Transients are faster successions of voltage dips. In turn, circuits get uneven peaks and troughs of power with the sudden drops of power around.
  • Flickers are inconsistent flows of voltage. Circuits and cables experience fast-changing currents running around in uneven qualities.

These disturbances lower the power quality of any setting. Electricians test and analyse power using numbers. However, there are qualitative aspects that determine how well energy is in your home. Work with professionals from Sydney North Shore Electrician. Improve the electrical condition in your home.


Making assessments on your power system guarantees that your power quality is top-notch. Experts from Sydney North Shore Electrician can help you in making sure that your home is well-maintained. We have a team of trained Level 2 electricians who can give you the electrical assessments that you need to know about. You don’t need to wait for your power quality to be on an all-time low to decide on investing in better power. We are affordable and always in service. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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