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Expert Tips on How to Reduce Electricity Bills

Watching television, doing the laundry, heating and lighting the house, running appliances and cooking, are the everyday activities that people do regularly, but it is also the reason why you have a massive increase on a monthly electricity bill. 

Electricity is in every sphere of life in Sydney. Having it is leading you to live in a comfortable usage of all amenities and services. It is your life-time partner when you do the household chores and even spending your leisure time with your family at home. Life would be challenging to live without power right now. 

Furthermore, electricity bills bring a lot of stress. It may give you more grey hairs if the bill gets higher every single month. Especially to a home loaded with so much electricity vampires – your appliances, the monthly bill will inevitably arise.

Don’t miss some of these expert tips on how to lower your electricity bill.

Perform household chores manually

Doing hard labour will be substantial in reducing your electrical consumption. Instead of throwing your wet clothes in the dryer, hanging them under the sun will help save a significant amount of energy. You can also wash the dishes by hand without using the dishwasher or clean the floor without using a vacuum. With this, it lessens the usage of energy-intense appliances.

Switch Off Lights and Maximise Natural Lighting

Maximise natural light by opening windows and access points during the daytime. Do not keep the lights when the sun is still up because it will only increase your electrical consumption. You can practice opening the windows and the curtains first thing in the morning to have enough natural lighting in your home.

Opening your windows will make you save up in two ways. During summer, you can keep the shades drawn to provide you with a cooler room, and in winter, the shade can be open to give you a warmer place. This is an expert tip but doesn’t cost you anything.  

Unplug Appliances When Unused

Did you know that devices consume at least 10% of electricity even when inactive? That’s why you should always remember to unplug your electrical appliances when not in use or when leaving the house. 

You can also try switching off appliances that are not necessary. Turning things off can save you from consuming too much power. Appliances like heaters and air conditioners are better not used if the weather is good. Cutting your TV-watching time will help you save as well. You can also switch off laptops or personal computers when someone’s not using them. Thus, unplugging them will help you cut your energy bill.

Changing to energy-saving light bulbs

Getting rid of old bulbs and replacing it with energy-efficient LEDs is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. LEDs use almost 90% less energy than traditional incandescent. It uses less power, lasts longer and costs cheaper. That means there’s a big chance of utility bill reduction at the end of the month.

Buy only energy-efficient appliance

Appliances are responsible for approximately 13% of your total use of household energy. If you’re about to replace appliances at home, choosing only energy-efficient products will help you reduce electricity bills. Upon purchasing, you should pay attention to two numbers: the initial purchase price, and the annual operating costs. 

While their purchase prices are usually higher, their operating costs are 9-25 per cent lower than conventional models. 

Installation of a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat’s function is to automatically turn off or reduce heating and cooling during the times when you are asleep or away. Programmable thermostats are available in various models which can be used to fit your weekly schedule. Once you install a smart thermostat, you’re reducing wasteful energy from heating and cooling without enhancing your HVAC system. Therefore, it can save you up more money every year. 

Sealing air leaks around your home 

Sealing air leaks in your home is an excellent way to lower your heating and cooling expenditures. Air leakage of your home is most likely from your house’s interior tiny gaps into the attic. Whether it is through light fixtures, ducts or the hatch of the attic, hot air will rise through small openings and escape. 

To avoid such leakages, you should check if there are no cracks or holes between the wall and ventilation, doorframe or window.

As this natural heat transfer from warmer to colder areas, these small openings will make your heating bill even higher if your attic is not insulated enough. You will consider completely covering your home to reap the full amount of savings from weatherization. 

Insulating Your Home

An insulated ceiling will make a significant impact on your energy bills. Good ceiling insulation will save your cooling and heating costs by up to 20 per cent. 

Insulating your loft and cavity walls is a good way to have much savings every year. Laying loft insulation at a thickness of 270 mm in a standard non-insulated three-bedroom semi will reduce energy bills because through the roof, less heat will be lost. Insulating cavity walls will help you reduce energy consumption in a semi-detached house.

Saving Money Through Using Solar Energy 

Aside from the tips above, utilizing solar energy is an excellent idea to help you save money on energy bills in your home. Solar panels are one of the fastest and best advancing types of renewable energy nowadays. They help conserve electricity that would otherwise have been taken out of the grid, slash your energy bills, and they can make an outstanding financial return for you. 

Although the initial costs can be quite high, the payback period is comparatively high as well. You can now stop purchasing energy from your supplier by using the electricity that it generates.


Saving power is a way of reducing your worries about your intolerable energy bill. This is one way of helping the environment and your wallet adapt to the day-to-day expenses you face. The tips above are just some of the ways you can raise money for your other goals in the future. Who knows if this simple activity like turning off the lights and appliances work, next month it will really make a difference with your energy bill! 

But if you’re too uncertain about where to start, or interested in installation and repairing emergencies, Sydney North Shore Electricians’s level 2 electricians will give you a hand. 

With our highest quality of electrical services, expertise and mastery in all electrical works, you may leave all electrical matters in our hands and turn your attention to other things that would benefit you, your family and business.

Furthermore, wherever you are in Sydney, working with your local electricians means faster response time.

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