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Electrical Meter: What Are The Different Types?

Electrical Meters are reading devices that record the power consumption in your home. If you walk past your powerline in the area, you might notice a box. This electrical meter box contains the electrical meter inside. It’s standard for your power company to install the reading meters. There are many older electrical meters that are more analog in mechanism than newer ones. There are actually more types of electrical meters you might not know about.

Installing electrical meters, no matter what type, is still electrical work. As such, only authorised electrical service providers can do these tasks. Sydney North Shore Electrician is one of the electrical experts in Sydney. Level 2 electricians can work the electrical meter installed in your home. You don’t have to worry about finding somebody knowledgeable and experienced. They have experts that can handle your electrical meters. They’re available for you.

Standard electrical meter

A standard meter is the most common type of meter you see around. Standard meters are accumulation meters. This means it records the power from the first moment of installation. To get the power consumption you have in a period of time, get an initial reading. Later on, subtract the initial reading from the present reading. Standard meters display black numbers in blocks or boxes. Ignore the red block and get the difference between the two readings.

Dial electrical meter

Dial electric meter is another type of accumulation meter. You’ll need to subtract an older reading from a new reading. that is the power consumption within the given period. Dial electric meters are less straightforward than standard meters. instead of blocks for number displays, there are dials. Record the numbers manually from the pointed arrows in the circle dials. Note the numbers from left to right. Like the standard meter, you can ignore the red dial. 

Digital meter

Digital electrical meters display power consumption via an LCD screen. It’s another type of accumulation meter and as such, you need to note the difference between two readings. For most digital meters, there’s a button that powers up the LCD screen. Push that button to show the power consumption for that time. Like the other kinds of accumulation meters, it’s common to see digital meters in many properties. 

Smart meter

Another kind of electrical meter is the smart meter. In contrast to accumulation meters, smart meters are direct at giving the power consumption breakdown to you. It displays the power consumption and even gives the analysis of the electricity you’ve used up. Smart meters are usually in connection to the devices inside your home. The main display device for a smart meter is a tablet. Your home gadgets, appliances and devices send consumption data to the smart meter.

Interval meter

For more uncommon meters around, you have interval meters. This is how an interval meter works: It records the power usage every interval that is set. Then, it gives an analysis at the end of each day. The meter sends data to software for analysis. Interval meters exist as a way to note peaks and lows of electric consumption. With the corresponding peaks and lows, there are varying tariff taxes for different times.

Prepaid electrical meter 

There is such a thing as prepaid electricity. You pay the power provider an amount. Then, they set the prepaid meter the corresponding amount for what you pay. Many opt this kind of meter arrangement to manage their electrical consumption. The end goal is also to limit power expenses. However, power companies can charge higher rates per unit of electricity. Consult with your power provider first. Then, contact your electrician for a prepaid meter installation inside your home.


No matter what kind of meter you have in your home, take good care of it. Electrical meters are devices that help you manage your home power consumption. If you plan to change to a different kind of electrical meter, contact your power company. Moreover, contact an expert electrician to do the installation for you. Sydney North Shore Electrician has Level 2 electricians that are always ready to serve your electrical needs. We can do the electrical meter works that involve installation, repair and replacement. Contact us!

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