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Electrical DIY: How to Wire a Phone Socket

There are many simple tasks at home you can do properly. With enough knowledge and information, you can do simple things by yourself.

There are Do-It-Yourself electrical things that you can apply from time to time. Make sure that you practise safety measures and precaution when doing things on your own. Above all, your safety is still a priority even if you want to DIY some things in your home. 

However, different electricians are still available for almost all kinds of electrical services. Sydney North Shore Electrician is your partner for heavier electrical works. We provide you with the expertise and service we have mastered for more than a decade.

Among the most simple things you can Do-It-Yourself, wiring a phone socket is on top of the list. There are simple steps and methods that can make your new phone socket in no time. Transport your telephone to more parts inside your house. That telephone in your living room doesn’t need to stay there. If you find it more necessary in the kitchen, you can put it there for your convenience. Read up one some steps to guide you in making your phone socket functional already.

Plan the phone socket wiring

A phone socket wiring is still an electrical work. although it is simpler than many electrical jobs, you still need to plan it well. Prepare your materials in hand. Bring out the necessary tools. You’ll need a tool that can cut and strip open the cable. You also need a screwdriver to place in the phone socket in place. 

Set a good place for the phone socket

Pick a good location for your new phone socket. It is better if the new location for your phone socket is more general. In that way, everybody can have access to it in a common area inside your home. Most homes have a dugout part in the wall or a partition for phone sockets to place. If you have that, make use of it before wiring your new socket.

Follow the cable towards the new place

For farther places, extend the cable from the mainline. Strip down the cable cover at the end of the cable. There should be four different colours of wires present. For Australian residences, phone cables have four colours: red, green, black and yellow. Take them apart from each other and strip down the respective coloured wire covers. Make sure to have enough copper available that you can wire to the phone socket. 

Connect the cable to the phone socket 

It’s time. Get your phone socket and lift it open. There should be four colour parts inside. Usually in the place of the screws that hold the phone socket together. From the stripped coloured wires, connect to the respective colours the copper wire. Wrap the copper ending of the red wire unto the red screw post. Wrap the copper ending of the green wire to the green screw post. This will serve as the first line.

If you have a second line, do the same. Find the copper end of the black wire and place it in the black screw post. Then finally, do the same to the yellow post. Cut any excess copper wires after wrapping the screws. It is important that you wrap the end as tightly as you can.

Inspect the new phone socket

Place the phone socket in the new location. Connect your telephone to the phone socket and test it out. Dial the telephone and wait for it to ring.


Wiring phone sockets is one of the most common DIYs you can do at home. You can add another phone socket easily and safely without hassle. However, you may still have more concerns on wiring your phone sockets. We, at Sydney North Shore Electrician can do it for you. As a team of Level 2 electricians, we also offer phone socket wiring and cabling services for you. We are always happy to help you with all your electrical needs at affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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