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Differences Between CFL, Halogen and LED Lights

Comfort spaces and home settings usually increase in comfort with the things you have at home. As such, it is always a good decision to carefully invest in pieces and fixtures that make your home brighter and more livable to be in. Lighting has a major effect on this kind of improvement. As many would claim, lighting is everything. It influences the mood, atmosphere and feel of any space. Different kinds of light play a big role in the aesthetic you’re looking for.

There are different types of light you can consider when you’re building your space. It is 10% of the electricity budget in an average Australian household. Choose your lights well. Choose your expert partner in building over your lighted spaces too. Sydney North Shore Electrician has extensive experience in different electrical works. You never need to question the reliability and professionalism of your lighting electricians. All you need to do is choose how you want the lights in your home and which kinds of light you want.


CFL is one of the most common types of lights available in the lighting marketplace. It is also known as the Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFLs are modern alternatives of the Incandescent Light. Incandescent Lights have a long tube-shape screw-in mechanism. CFLs are more compact bulbs that you only need to screw in or plug in the socket to work. CFL has many uses inside your home and other kinds of spaces.

In general, rated CFLs are more efficient than most types of light. Many brands and manufacturers of the CFL are looking for more innovations of the CFL. They need way less energy than the Incandescent Lights to function. More innovated CFLs can also last up to 10 times longer than Incandescent Lights. CFL’s cost efficiency comes from the fact that it lasts longer even if it has a higher initial cost. Apart from the fact that it contains Mercury, CFLs are suitable types of light.


Another kind of light you can consider are lights powered by Halogen. Recent Halogen Lights are usually contained with Tungsten Filament, filled with Halogen. The chemical reaction of the Halogen with the evaporated Tungsten produces the light. The small size of Halogen Lights makes it a popular choice for small fixtures. You can also use it as illumination sources in many things that need light within its mechanism.

Many Halogen Lights give off the vintage yellow hue, popular to many house lighting designs. However, it gets hot when it produces light and becomes more sensitive to direct contact. There are many Halogen Lights in the lighting market too. There is constant innovation for Halogen Lights for better efficiency, more affordability and increased durability.

LED Lights

LED Lights are slowly becoming a fast track preference for most people who are building their homes. LED Lights have been in use for a while and has evolved too. LED Lights work by electron movement via a conductor material inside the bulb. The conductor releases photons. The colour depends on the diode emission energy levels of electrons.  LED Lights can be very small (up to 5 mm in size) convenient bulbs too.

LED Lights dim over time unlike other types of light that give out immediately once it reaches its wear out limit. LED Lights are very durable and can be as shock resistant as possible. However, LED Lights give off light in different shape and distribution. This can serve as a challenge for different kinds of spaces. The light dispersion of some LED lights can often cause an off feeling in some spaces.

Choosing light

Between CFL, Halogen and LED Lights, it’s challenging to choose the right light for you. However, there isn’t such a thing as one straight formula in making your space aesthetic. Choose however you see fit whether it’s the inside or the landscape lighting you’re working on. You can always mix and match your light choices depending on use. Future proof the lighting in your space. Talk to somebody who can give you expert advice. Sydney North Shore Electrician offers just that kind of lighting service to you.


Lighting design and installation can glow up your space. When choosing the right kind of light, put out all your considerations at hand. You can always alter your view on lighting depending on how different you need it to be. What’s important is we are there for you when you need lighting services at any time. We are Sydney North Shore Electrician and we can light things up for you! Call us anytime!

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