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10 Electrical Safety Tips You Should Practise in Your Home

Electricity is a cornerstone of modern living. And it’s one of the most important energy sources we all use every day.

Because it keeps us warm, brightens our home, allows access for entertainment and even makes sure you get to eat warm meals whenever you want. Electricity made our lives comfortable and convenient in so many ways. 

Without proper care and safety measures, it can be potential for injury, fire and even death. In fact, most households are too engaged in locking out intruders but quite complacent when it comes to fire safety and other practises. 

As reported by the Fire and Rescue, every year, residents encounter difficulty escaping from the fire in their homes due to poor safety and measures. As a matter of fact, fire can be prevented. 

These are the following essential electrical safety tips you need to practise to avoid catalysing and igniting fires and other electrical malfunctions in your home.

Check your outlets regularly

Electrical fires in homes are often caused by overloaded outlets. Avoid overwhelming your outlets and alternatively install another one. Normally, outlets should be cool to the touch. If it goes beyond warm and hot to your touch, shut your circuit at the breaker box and call your trusted and reliable electricians at Sydney North Shore Electrician.

Check your electrical cords

Always check for fraying, discolouration and other signs that show your power cord is past its prime. Worn out power cords are potential for fire hazards or electrocution. And avoid placing your cords under the rug so damage will not go unseen.


Even though your appliances are turned off, it’s still plugged in and connected to the electricity. Make it a habit to unplug your appliances at night and even while you’re cleaning or repairing your appliances.

Remove properly

Make sure to pull your electrical devices from the plastic housing to unplug it from the wall socket. Sometimes, when the person is in a hurry, it tries to pull the cord itself and unknowingly stretches the wires inside the cable. 

Know the warning signs

Know the electrical warning signs such as burning smells, warm and lose outlets. If you notice any of these signs, call your trusted electrician to prevent further damages. Make sure to keep your appliances at its safety standards. 

Avoid touching appliances with wet hands

With today’s technological advancement, mixing up water and electricity is still not a good idea. Avoid using your portable devices near water such as hair dryers or radios and touching light switches or power cords with wet hands.

Wear shoes while using power tools

When handling power tools such as a lawnmower, it’s important to wear proper attire. In fact, you have to wear earplugs, gloves and safety eyewear to keep yourself protected. 

Invest and use tamper-resistant receptacles

Young members in the family like to explore and are mostly filled with curiosity. Protect your kids from electrocution. By using a tamper-resistant receptacle, it keeps sticky fingers from running into electrical outlets. 

Do not douse water to electrical fires

Electricity feeds on water. Commonly, dousing with water is one of the most common mistakes when a person sees a fire coming out from an electrical outlet. Instead, place a fire retardant chemical extinguisher in your home and teach every family member on how to use it.

Hire a professional electrician

Sometimes, broken appliances and faulty wirings looked like a simple job. Homeowners who tried to repair their appliances while it’s still plugged in have been seriously injured. The easiest solution to your electrical work and avoid hurting yourself is to hire a licensed electrician. Avoid doing some quick fixes by yourself.

Winter Electrical and Fire Safety Tips

According to the Fire and Rescue, fire hazard increases in every household once the temperature drops. As you dust off your winter devices such as portable heaters, electric blankets and even using your fireplace again, accidental house fires can be prevented.

One of the best measures to ensure the safety of you and your family during the winter season is to be aware of the possible dangers and keep the following checklist in mind:

  • Smoke alarms – make sure it’s working or replace the batteries regularly.
  • Escape plans – it increases your chances of getting out safely.
  • Fireplaces and chimneys – make sure to clean it regularly.
  • Heaters – check for faulty wirings and have it replaced before using it.
  • Electric blanket – inspect for any damages before laying it on your bed.
  • Wheat bags – although they are great pain relievers, it can be potential to cause fire and burns if not handled properly.


Electricity serves a greater purpose in making our lives better. It is one of the most life-changing innovations created by humans and an essential part of making our daily lives comfortable. We could all agree that we can’t live without electricity. 

And as with most life’s complications and dangers, the best form of protection from electrical fires and injuries is prevention. There are several safety tips to keep you and your family safe, but we came up with the most basic and commonly overlooked practises at home.

If you have electrical work at home that needs immediate attention, Sydney North Shore Electrician can provide you with quality electrical services with our skilled and licensed level 2 electricians. We provide electrical solutions from repairs, installations and maintenance. Do not hesitate to call us–we’ll be right there in no time.

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