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Top 5 Security and Landscape Light Ideas of 2020

Not just for aesthetics and landscape design, lights outside your home should serve a purpose to protect your family from trespassers or robbers entering your house.

Security and landscape lights provide necessary brightness to eliminate unnecessary ‘blind spots’ during the night.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there has been an increase in robbery cases in Australia. Since the start of the rise in robbery numbers, Australians are adding security lights for their outdoors but cases still rise up for four consecutive years. Thus, this article will give you ideas for your security and landscape lights this 2020 to secure your home.    

Benefits of Security and Landscape Lighting

  • Protection from trespassers and robbers

Robbers usually target homes with poor lightings, and soon take away valuable things as there are many ‘blind spots’ for hiding. When you install security and landscape lighting, robbers will most likely avoid your home because of the added safety measure. 

  • Prevents accidents

Lighting your outdoors can prevent you or your family from accidents like tripping, bumping your head, or falling from stairs because it provides a clearer view of the surroundings. Moreover, in case of emergencies, responders can immediately sight your home for rescue.

  • Displays aesthetic appeal

Appreciate the beauty of the night with your outdoor lightings. It relaxes your mind and body from a tiring day.  Furthermore, it also increases your home value which may benefit you in the future.

Different types of Security and Landscape Lightings

Different types of outdoor lightings serve a different purpose, familiarise yourself with them to know which one to install on your outdoors. 

  • Flood Lights – It is usually rectangular and lights the outdoors in general.
  • Road Lights – It lights driveways and parking areas of outdoors. 
  • Path Lights – It lights walkways and pathways of outdoors.
  • Surface-mounted Lights – It lights the outdoors in general and serves as decorative lighting.
  • Motion Detector Lights – It lights the outdoors mainly for security. It lights when it detects motion. 

Electricians advise weatherproofing your security and landscape lightings to avoid damage in their electrical wiring that may cause fire accidents.

Top 5 Security and Landscape Light Ideas of 2020

As security and landscape lightings have become a trend to ensure safety and provide aesthetics, listed below are the top 5 outdoor light ideas that give you the edge over the others this 2020. 

Install motion detector lights

Modern technology gives us the means to provide security within our homes. By installing motion detector lights,  lights automatically turn on when it detects motion, and eventually turn off when motion stops. Robbers and trespassers will hesitate now to enter your secured home. 

Use LED Lights

Using LED lights instead of any other type of lights saves your money and at the same time helps the environment. LEDs have a longer life capacity and better light distribution compared to others. Moreover, they consume little power, thus suitable for outdoor lighting and support the environment by saving more energy. 

Use solar power

Use solar power in lighting your outdoors as they are already exposed to the sun. You can install a separate solar-powered circuit for them or you can install lightings with built-in solar powers instead. In this way, you can decrease your electric load and save money in the long run. 

Aim for both security and aesthetic

Most people think that outdoor lightings are for aesthetics only, but its main purpose is to secure your family and properties. You should aim for both without comprising the other. Increase the value of your home and at the same time, protect your family from harm. 

Always check your wirings

While it is important to install your security and landscape lightings to avoid robbery, you should never forget to check your wirings as well to avoid fires. Faulty wirings, exposed wires, short circuits, and overloading could also be a problem so make sure to check and repair if necessary. 


Security and landscaping light ensure your family’s safety from unwanted guests and at the same time, adds aesthetic value to your house. You can upgrade your lightings by using motion detector lights and reduce your power demands through LEDs and solar power.   

If you are having worries about how to install your security and landscape lighting, we at Sydney North Shore Electrician are glad to assist you! With our accredited level 2 electricians, quality work is guaranteed. 

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