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How Much Does CCTV Installation Cost in Sydney

CCTVs are everywhere. They monitor the traffic, offices, streets, and even your homes. Through technology advancement, they have been part of our security system that helps prevent crimes and accidents and creates a faster response system for emergency and crime-related situations.

Sydney has been an important contributor to Australia’s economy through trading, manufacturing, and banking industries. Business corporations and establishments are common sites inside the city, thus making it a potential target for crimes such as theft.

To ensure safety, Sydneysiders are installing CCTVs almost everywhere, even in their homes. Its installation cost might be expensive but in the long run, it is a great investment to avoid losing your valuable possessions from the intruders who want to enter your house uninvited.

Things to consider when installing your own CCTV

If you want to secure your home, especially if there is a high risk of crimes and accidents in your area, below is the list to consider when installing CCTVs.


The primary purpose of a CCTV installation is to provide security for people and properties. Identify your specific purpose so you would know the component to purchase.

For example, local authorities installed CCTVs in highways to monitor the traffic. Thus, the installed cameras should contain high-resolution lenses to monitor specific details like plate numbers when accidents happen. In your case, if you want to secure your house from a robbery, then CCTV with clear night vision is ideal for installing.

Location and coverage

Point your cameras at a good spot. CCTVs in roadways most likely monitor accident-prone areas. So, install them in an area that needs protection. Some install them in their living rooms, backdoors, and gates to pinpoint the entry of an intruder. 

But please take note that the CCTV installation requires you to follow the law regarding protecting identities and privacy. You can’t just put them in the streets to monitor your neighbours. It is a rule that people should know of their presence and must agree on them.      

Type of CCTV 

There are two kinds of CCTV, the wireless and the analogue. 

Wireless CCTVs uses IP camera and connects over Wi-Fi or other networks. Computer or cloud drives store their data for later viewing. They also use a network video recorder (NVR) that also stores or processes the data from the IP camera.

On the other hand, analogue CCTVs connects its components through cables. The camera sends data to the digital video recorder (DVR) and processes them, and then it displays the images in a monitor.  

Wireless CCTVs are easier to install and the trend nowadays. However, they have limited life capacity since they run through batteries while maintaining a connection over a network within a specific distance.


It is costly to install CCTV regardless of its type. Though, in terms of initial cost, wireless is more expensive. The estimated price of each component is as follows:

  • Camera

On a standard home installation where cameras don’t need much high graphics quality, an IP camera costs around $100-$300. On the other hand, analogue cameras cost around $50-$250. 

  • Video Recorder

                     Digital video recorder and network video recorder range from $100 to $350.

  • Miscellaneous

This includes the cables, Wi-Fi for a wireless connection, and other needed components. They range from $100 to $350 for either wired or wireless.

Package deals might save you some money than purchasing parts by parts.

For a wireless CCTV:

  • HD IP Camera with night vision, Wi-Fi – $150-$200
  • 3 HD IP Camera with night vision and cloud storage – $700-$800
  • 4 IP Camera with a smartphone connection- $1000-$1200
  • 4 IP Camera with night vision and smartphone connection – $1500-$1700

For analogue CCTV:

  • 3 Analogue Camera, Low resolution – $500-$700
  • 3 Analogue Camera, HD – $600-$800

Meanwhile, the electrician’s rate for installation of CCTVs in Sydney ranges from $50/hr to $90/hr. 


CCTVs in local streets and highways ensure the safety of each Sydneysiders by helping prevent crimes and accidents in the city. For added assurance, installing one in your homes and offices brings more security for your family and employees. Its installation cost might be expensive, but there is no such thing as expensive if lives are at stake. 

So install your CCTVs now with the help of our level 2 electricians here at Sydney North Shore Electrician. We offer our services at a reasonable and affordable price! Call us at (02) 8378 2828 or visit our website to know more about our services.

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